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Giant African Skipper

About Giant African Skipper

The Giant African Skipper is found in the Afrotropical region which includes Africa and Madagascar, though it is mainly found from Gambia to Nigeria, and in Zaire and Angola. As a caterpillar, the Giant African Skipper has an intricate black and yellow checkered pattern. As a butterfly, the males are black and purple-blue on top with the underside of the forewings being dark blue and the hindwings being bright metallic-blue. The females have bold rays of metallic-bluish green on top with the underside of both hind and forewings being a metallic yellow with with black veins. As butterflies, both males and females have a very distinct orange colored head

The Giant African Skipper is most likely the largest skipper in the world. They are slow fliers and usually fly at night. The Giant African Skipper feeds on the foliage of cashew trees.