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About Firecrest

Breeding starts in May. Together the pair will build a deep, thick hammock-like nest of mosses, lichens and spider webs lined with feathers. The female will lay 7-10 white to pale buff eggs, with a fine pale brownish speckles. The eggs are incubated by the female for 14-17 days.

The high pitched “tseet” call of the Firecrest can often be heard in woodlands throughtout much of Europe. This bird is hard to see because it forages among the foliage high above the ground.

This bird is very tiny and very agile and easily able to slip through the leaves. It often hovers to pick aphids and other small insects from beneath the leaves. Sometimes it will feed lower down on scrub.

In the summer it can find all it needs within a small area, but in winter it often joins nomadic parties of tits and other small birds, which roam through the woods looking for food.