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Eurasian Nuthatch

About Eurasian Nuthatch

Small, big-headed bird with strong, pointed, slated gray bill and short, square tail. Bluish-gray upperparts, with black eyestripe extending to side of neck; this bird has a white throat and chestnut flanks. Underparts range from white in northern birds to deep chestnut yellow in sourthern populations. Yellowish-brown legs; dark grayish-brown eyes.

In the spring, the female builds a cup nest of dead leaves and pieces of bark in a tree hole, wall crevice or nest box. She has 6-9 white eggs, spotted, speckled and blotched with shades of red, brown and purple. Female takes care of the eggs while the male brings food.

Nuthatches are a very distinctive family of 25 species, all sharing the same compact, sharp-billed, short-tailed form. The Eurasian Nuthatch is one of the most widespread. Like all its kind, it is specialized for feeding on large trees, climbing up and over and under the trunks and branches with a jerky motion, while it holds on with its sharp claws. It is very noisy, and probes crevices and chisels into the soft wood in search of insects and their grubs, but in the summmer it would rather hunt in the leaves for the caterpillars. When they can’t find bugs, they will turn to seeds and nuts.