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Emperor Goose

About Emperor Goose

This bird is a gorgeous marine goose of the Bering Sea. A small stocky goose with thick and strong legs. Bill is pink with black cutting edges and nostril, and legs bright orange. The adult is gray bodied with each feather neatly tipped dark subterminally and white terminally, giving this bird a scaly look. The head is white, continuing down the back of the neck and contrasting with black throat and foreneck. Sometimes the head may be stained rust with oxides. When this bird is flying it appears to be gray.

The call of the Emperor Goose is a hoarse and repeated klaha, although usually remains quiet.

This goose is uncommon, also breeds in easternmost Siberia.

This bird migrates in the fall, being from mid August through October, on the north shore of the Alaska Peninsula.

This bird appears to have decreased between 1960 and the 1980’s but has remained stable since then.