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Eastern Bluebird

About Eastern Bluebird

This bird breeds in the spring. The pair builds loose cup nest of dry grasses, stems and small twigs, lined with grasses, in a tree hole, hollow post, old nest or nestbox. They have 3-7 pale blue, sometimes white eggs, that are incubated by both parents for 12-16 days. The chicks are taken care of by both parents.

During courtship, the male flutters in front of the female on half open wings. His tail is fanned, as he pours out his musical warbling song.

The Eastern Bluebird has suffered decline because of many suitable nest holes being taken by starlings and house sparrows.

In its lifetime, an Eastern Bluebird will eat huge numbers of insects and their larvae, including many harmful to agriculture. In winter, bluebirds eagerly devour wild berries.

It catches most of its insect and other prey on the ground. It also gleans invertebrates from foliage, and snatches flying insects in mid air in a brief flight from a low perch.