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Common Pheasant

About Common Pheasant

Male ranges from bright reddish-brown to dark purplish-brown, with rufous lower back and rump, and long, pointed, copper-brown tail; head and neck iridescent dark green, often with white collar; small ear tufts; large patch of red skin around eye. Female is mottled rufous and blackish with shorter tail.

Breeding takes place in spring or early summer. The female makes shallow scrape, unlined or thinly lined with plant material. The female will lay 7-15 olive, olive-brown, brown, or bluish-gray eggs, which are incubated by the female alone for 23-27 days.

This bird is a great opportunist. This pheasant is ready to take advantage of any available food source, and this makes it able to grow in the woodlands and farmlands where it was introduced as a gamebird.

It is a native of Asia and a bird of open forests with grassland in upland valleys; it looks for a variety of seeds, fruits, and small animals.

The males will fight when protecting their area. They leap into the attack like fighting cocks, striking with the sharp spurs on the backs of their feet.