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Coho Salmon

About Coho Salmon

The Coho Salmon was sometimes called the Silver Salmon, or the Hook Nose Salmon. The Coho Salmon is a popular food fish.

Spawning happens between October and February, with the eggs being shed in shallow reeds dug in the gravel of ocean linked rivers and streams. Once the young are hatched, they stay in this river for usually one year, sometimes up to three years. Once saltwater is reached the, Coho stays within easy striking range of its own river.

They feed on anchovy, squid, herring and a surprisingly high proportion of crab larvae.

Coho Salmon populations have a wide range, originating in northern California as far north as Washington State; and Coho from Washington extend as far north as the Queen Charlotte Islands or south to northern California. This tends to keep the quality of fish stocks high.