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Cinnamon Teal

About Cinnamon Teal

This duck is exclusively a western species. They usually do not form large flocks as other teal ducks do, but are found in smaller, tighter groups, and they forage together.

Its head is large and rounded, and goes into a long bill reminiscent of the Northern Shoveler. The males have intense red eyes in all but the first few months of life. The male has a bright cinnamon head, and body is distinctive.

The female is a rusty or golden brown overall with faintly scalloped flanks; and usually has a small, pale loral spot and faint eye stripe.

The voice of the male bird is a dry series of click notes. The female gives a shrill quack.

They are locally common in the west. Unlike the Blue-winged Teal, the Cinnamon largely avoids prairie potholes; most common in marshes, ponds and shallow lakes; and they often use highly alkaline water.