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Chum Salmon

About Chum Salmon

These fish usually spawn in the lower parts of their river systems, with the exception of the Teslin Lake on the headwaters of the Yukon River. To get to this point, they have to swim 2,000 miles (3218km), going over rocky waters and pounding waterfalls. Chum Salmon spawn in November and December. The eggs of these fish are large.

The migratory runs of the Chum Salmon change from year to year. Some years the rivers are so full of the Chum Salmon that there is no room to move, while other years there are very few fish running the river.

It takes this fish 4-5 years to mature. When this fish is caught for commerical use it is canned.

In 1956, Russia introduced the Chum Salmon fish to the Barents Sea area. Since it was introduced, it has become well established in Russian rivers and also northern Norway. It is a predatory fish.

The Chum Salmon feeds on a constant diet of fish and crustaceans. It loves prawns. A pink dye in the prawn shell is what gives the chums’ flesh its distinctive pink tinge.