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Chinook Salmon

About Chinook Salmon

This is the largest of the salmon species and because of this it is called the King Salmon. They spend most of their life at sea. When they reach sexual maturity they then return to the river of their birth. This can carry then as far as 1800 miles (2900km) from the mouth of the river. Many of them die running the rapids and waterfalls. Those that do make it do not look like they did when they started. They are no longer sleek and silver, the fish are blackish with dark orange-red blotches. Their tails become cherry red and the once finely-shaped jaws become grotesquely hooked and savage-looking. Once they lay their eggs they die. Their young, or parr, remain in freshwater for one to two years. They then go to the sea where they grow fast on a rich diet of anchovies, shrimps and prawns.