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Chestnut-Flanked White-Eye

About Chestnut-Flanked White-Eye

This is a very small bird with rounded wings, a sharply pointed, slightly downcurved bill, and short legs. Upperparts, wings and tail are bright yellowish-green; throat yellow; breast gray-white; belly and eye ring white; flanks usually chestnut; undertail yellow.

The Chestnut-Flanked White-Eye breeds in the summer, and they pair for life. They build a cup nest in a well concealed tree fork. The female lays 2-6 white or pale blue eggs that are taken care of by both parents.

This bird roams forests and woods in small flocks, often together with other small perching birds. They are agile and restless. They are active feeders, usually hunting for small insects and spiders and picking them off the foilage of the tree canopy and scrub layer. Sometimes they will catch flying insects in mid-air. They will also eat fruit juices, fruit pulp, pollen and nectar, sucking up these energy-rich foods with the aid of a comb-like tip on their tongue.

The great majority of these birds live in the tropics and subtropics, but a few species are found farther south, like the Chestnut-Flanked White-Eye which breeds farther south. Many species live on remote islands.