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About Carp

This fish came from Asia and was farmed as early as 400 B.C. Over the centuries its range has increased, often by deliberate introduction. The first time it was introducted in Britain was in the mid 15th Century (1400s). In the United States it was stocked in 1876, the first carp being brought in from Germany and put in ponds near Baltimore. They soon became widely distributed throughout North America, but it was not long before it became apparent that the carp was doing great damage to the natural balance of American waters. Now this fish is regarded as little more than vermin. Originally, all carp were long-bodied, fully scaled fish. The early fish, known as wild carp, are slow growing. The European farmers produced a new strain of carp fish that grow rapidly. These are known as king carp, and can be fully scaled or have just a few large scales. Carp feed on shrimp, worms, mollusks, larvae and nymphs.

The mouth of the carp has four barbules used to aid in feeding.

They breed in the late spring and early summer, one female is usually attended by a number of smaller males.