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Canada Goose

About Canada Goose

The Canada goose is long necked with swan-like proportions, long black bill, and black legs. Gray-brown body with white breast and rump; black neck and head with distincitve white “chinstrap.” Dark flight feathers and tail.

Nests in spring, in a colony on ground close to water, often on an island. Builds its nest at the base of a tree or bush, heaping up vegetation and lining the nesting hollow with down from the female’s breast. They have 5-6 white or cream eggs, incubated by the female for 28-30 days. The young live with their parents throughout their first winter.

In North America, many Canada geese are summer migrants to breeding gounds in the far north, and they head south for the winter. In Europe, they don’t migrate any longer and live wild only in places where the climate is mild enough for year round residence. They don’t mind having people around them. The Canada goose feeds by grazing, and favors areas where there is plenty of open, level ground near lakes or slow-flowing rivers.