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About Burbot

Burbot are a freshwater member of the cod family. Its body is elongated and looks like an eel in a way. The head is flat and has a short barbel on each nostril. A single, longer barbel comes out on the burbot’s chin. The back of the fish has two dorsal fins. The first fin is short, the second is very long. The anal fin is similar in length and shape to the second dorsal fin. The scales of this fish are very deeply embedded in the tough skin. The burbot is a deep water fish and has been found in depths of up to 700 feet (213m). In the United States, this fish has been found in New England, the Susquehana River system in the east, and throughout the Husdson Bay drainage area, as well as the Columbia river in the west. In Britain, the fish are now very rare and are only found in East Anglia.

This fish lays eggs in February, usually under ice, the eggs are shed at night. Burbot are also nocturnal feeders, eating crayfish and any live or dead fish that may come their way.

The color of this fish is a dark olive above with chainlike blackish or yellowish markings on the side.