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About Bullhead

The Bullhead fish is classed as a panfish, the bullhead tribe are a group of small catfish. There are 4 different bullhead fish: The brown bullhead, black bullhead, yellow bullhead, and the flat bullhead. The bullheads are similar in shape to other catfish but are stockier. In recent years their range has grown due to restocking policies. The black bullhead was found from North Dakota south to Texas and then northeast to New York, has now become widespread. The same fish was introduced into France and multiplied very fast. But the bullheads make great eating and are sought after by anglers. This has helped to keep their numbers in control.

Bullheads mate in the spring, seeking out shallow streams and weedy marginal shallows in which to lay their eggs. Once hatched the young fish stay under cover, feeding for the most part on zooplankton and minute insects. Later they feed off live and dead fish, or animal flesh.

Small bullheads are often eaten by larger, predatory fish.

The brown bullhead is a sleek mottled brown color. The black bullhead is green to black on the back with paler sides and a white belly. The yellow bullhead is mottled yellow. The flat bullhead is similar to the yellow but has a dark patch on the lower section of its dorsal fin.