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Budgerigar or Parakeet

About Budgerigar or Parakeet

Small parrot with long, pointed tail. Wild birds are green with bright yellow crown, mask and throat; black spots on throat; violet “mustache;” back barred with black; pinkish-gray legs; grayish-yellow bill; base of bill and fleshy cere blue in male, brown in breeding female.

These beautiful birds breed at varying times with the local rainfall. Many pairs will nest close together in trees, fence posts and logs. They lay their eggs on a layer of wood dust, and there are 4-6 white eggs.

This bird belongs to a group of parrots called the “grass parakeets,” which eat the seeds of grasses and other low-growing plants. They will feed in flocks, and strip every plant of its seeds by running the seedheads through their bills. This bird follows the rains and the seeds that appear in their wake. Budgerigars breed at any time of year to make the most of periods when food is plentiful. They nest in loose colonies, using any suitable holes. They female will stay on the nest while the male will bring her food.