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Brown Trout

About Brown Trout

The Brown Trout is an elongated fish. The tail is large and square cut and the wrist of the tail is deep. The head is small and neat. Some of the fish become cannibals and when this happens the jaws of the fish enlarge and change shape with the lower jaw reaching out past the upper jaw. The brown trout feeds on nymphs, insect larvae, worms and winged insects. Prior to a mayfly hatch the hungry trout will gorge on mayfly nymphs. Later when the mayflys begin to die on the water surface the trout will rise to eat the flies. The brown trout spawns during the winter months. The eggs are shed into nests or reeds excavated in clear gravel. Brown trout were brought into the U.S.A. in 1883.

Today the brown is in at least 42 states and in many parts of Canada, and they are thriving.

The color of the Brown Trout varies considerably from water to water. Normally golden brown on the back, buttercup yellow on the sides, underparts are white. The body is covered with dark spots and rust or bright red dots.