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Brook Trout

About Brook Trout

Although this trout is a kin to the trout family, the Brook Trout is related to the char. This fish is extemely vulnerable to civilization and succumbs quickly to dam building and water borne pollution, and as a result, in the U.S.A. this seems to have led to the decimation of brook trout in many areas. In the wild, brook trout spawn in the fall. The eggs are deposited in a nest depression that is sunk into the gravel. Both the eggs and the fry are left to fend for themselves. Brook trout are greedy and they like to eat and will eat worms, shrimps, aquatic insects and small fish, being eaten when they are available. These fish are not usually a migratory fish, but the brook trout of the north eastern coastal streams of America do go to sea. The sea run brook trout are called salters, and it does have a number of local names–brookie, speckled trout, eastern trout and square tail. During the past 100 years, brook trout have been extensively farmed by European fish farmers, with most of the fish that is raised is being used as stock fish.