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Bronze Bream

About Bronze Bream

The Bronze Bream has the deepest and laterally compressed body of all the British and European freshwater species. They produce a thick mucus that covers their body. The bream tend to travel and feed in large packs. They usually swim together with the same age fish in groups and as time passes, natural predation causes the shoal size to decrease until it consists of only six or seven huge fish. This usually happens in the final years of the fish’s lives.

Bream spawn in the late spring, with the eggs being shed in shallow, weed infested water, and once hatched, bream fry hide and feed in the weeds until they grow large enough to go out into deeper water where they can take care of their own needs. Essentially a botton feeding species, bream feed on worms, bloodworms, and various nymphs and caddis larvae. Bream shoals often give away their position by rolling playfully as just before a feeding spree.

The Bronze Bream body color varies in color according to its environment. Most common color is deep bronze on the back, lighter bronze on the sides. The underparts are creamy white. Small bream are more silvery.