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Brant Goose

About Brant Goose

This is a sea goose that forages largely on marine grasses. The Brant is known as the Brent Goose in Great Britain.

This bird is a smallish, short-billed, short-necked stocky goose. Bill and legs are black. The adult shows a black head, neck and breast; a fish bone pattern white neck collar varies in extent geographically. The upperparts are solid brown, contrasting with a white rump and vent and dark tail. Underparts variable depending on race, varying from pale brown to blackish-brown with contrasting white flanks.

Of this bird there are 3 named subspecies: Dark-bellied Brant, breeding in central and western Europe, Artic, and wintering in western Europe; Pale-bellied Brant, breeding in central and western Russian Arctic and wintering in Atlantic coast of the U.S., England and Irlend; and nigricans Black Brant that breeds from eastern Russia through Western Arctic and beyond.

The call of this bird a quavering crrrr-oonkkk.