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Blue-Winged Teal

About Blue-Winged Teal

This small duck is usually a summer resident. Most Blue-winged Teal ducks spend the winter in northern South America.

Both the male and female have an all black bill and a pale area at the base of the bill that is crescent-shaped in males and oval shaped in females. Their profile is long and low, with a slender neck and long, thin bill.

The male has a cold blue head with a large white crescent on the face; the body is bronze and is coverd with black spots.

The female has a cold gray brown head with a paler face, a distinct dark eye stripe, white eye arcs and a pale loral spot that is connected to the throat.

The call of the male Blue-winged Teal duck is a high, whistled prew; and the female gives a shrill quack.

The Blue-winged Teal breeds in nests in grassy clumps near small ponds and small flooded fields. It is most dense in the prairie pot hole region, where it is the most abundant duck.

The Blue-winged Teal is stable and increasing in population, especially in the east.