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Blue Peafowl or Peacock

About Blue Peafowl or Peacock

This bird is a large pheasant with a crest of tufted quills; the male has a blue head, neck and breast with white cheeks and stripe above eye; metallic green back with very long train of elongated tail feathers dotted with iridescent eyespots; female has bronze-green neck and breast; white face and belly; brown back with no train. Whitish bill and legs.

The male is a polygamous male with a harem of females. Each female nests on the ground in a scrape, laying 4-6 cream-white eggs. The female incubates the eggs for 28 days.

The Peacock, or Peafowl, is a half-tame ornamental bird found all over the world. This blue peafowl is a native of hilly forests in the Himalayas and Indian subcontinent. This bird will eat in the thick cover by day and roost in the trees at night.

It feeds over farmland, gathering seeds of all kinds, fruits and other plant material, as well as insects, lizards, and small mammals, such as mice. It forms regular habits and it will often sleep in the same tree each night and then return to the same feeding area in the day.

This bird is a wary one, it has to be because of its long train. This will slow the blue peafowl down a lot and make him vulnerable to predators, such as big cats.

For most of the year, the blue peafowls live in small groups. But when it comes to breeding time, the male becomes solitary and territorial.