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Blue-Backed Fairy-Bluebird

About Blue-Backed Fairy-Bluebird

Thrush-sized bird with a dense, fluffy plumage. Male’s upperparts are an intense iridescent blue with velvety-black cheeks, chin, wings, tail and underparts; upper and under tail converts blue; legs and bill blackish; eyes red. Female is dull bluish-green; primary wing feathers and tail dark brown; black patch around eye.

The breeding season varies; in India mainly February to April. The nest is built by the female and is a flimsy platform of twigs covered by a layer of rootlets, leaf ribs and mosses, with a central cup lined with moss, and is usually about 16 feet (5m) high up in a fork of a tree amid dense foliage. The female usually has 2-3 greenish white, olive-gray, buff or reddish gray eggs with brown, gray and purple streaks and blotches. The eggs are incubated by the female alone.

The Blue-Backed Fairy Bluebird is classified in a family of its own. The Fairy Bluebirds are one of only two bird families that are found only in the Oriental faunal region.

These beautiful birds are usually restricted to undisturbed, moist, semi-deciduous or evergreen forests. Pairs or small loose flocks roam through the forest searching for fruit-bearing trees. They often hang out with hornbills, green pigeons, and other fruit eating birds.