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Black Crappie

About Black Crappie

This fish is an extremely poplular panfish. They are a deep-bodied, handsome fish with large, well-formed and armed fins. The anal fin has six strong spines, the dorsal fin 7-8 spines. The Crappie prefers to live and feed in the deep water among tree stumps, brush piles and underwater obstructions.

This fish lays its eggs in the late spring depositing its eggs on different water weeds.

The Black Crappie is a clear water species. This fish is an opportunist feeder and will feed on whatever happens to be readily available; shrimp, nymphs, small fish, water beetles.

The large Crappie fish is rare because of the exploitation by sportsmen.

The Black Crappie has a blue-gray back and silvery sides. The sides are overlaid with dark markings that collectively form horizontal bands.