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Bean Goose

About Bean Goose

This Goose is a large brown vagrant from Eurasia. It has legs that are orange, bill is black with orange subterminal area. The adult is brown with a darker head and white belly. The tertials crisply fringed white. The flanks are edged with a narrow white line, which forms a separation with the folded wings. The younger bird lacks the white edges and barring to their flanks.

While they are in flight, they show their brown darker flight feathers and a gray wash to the coverts. The brown of the upper feathers has a nice contrast with the narrow white rump band. The tail is brown with a narrow white border.

There are five subspecies in 2 groups, the “Tundra Bean Goose” and the “Taiga Bean Goose.” One group breeds north of the other. The Tundra birds are smaller, stockier, and shorter-necked and smaller-billed than the Taiga birds. The bill color also helps in separating the 2 groups. Taiga birds show an extensive orange bill with black on the nail, cutting edge, and the at the base reaching the nostril. The Tundra bird shows a narrow, near orange subterminal band on an otherwise black bill. There is a variation in bill pattern and it should be used in conjunction with size and structure to identify the groups.

Tundra birds have a higher-pitched call than Taiga birds.