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Barnacle Goose

About Barnacle Goose

Before people knew about bird migration and it was accepted, legends told that when these geese disappeared from wintering sites in western Europe, they turned into barnacles in the sea. Another legend was that these birds were born not from eggs but from trees. It was thought that they hung done from the branches of trees like fruit and each one developed inside a shell. When the bird was mature enough, it would drop down into the water or just fly away.

This bird is a small, short-necked goose with a stubby bill. Bill and legs black. The adult has a white face and black lores that contrast with the black neck and breast. Their underparts are gray with a scaled appearance created by dark subterminal band and white terminal band on each feather. While they are in flight their wings and back are gray with a black neck; lower back and tail contrasting with white rump band.

The call for this bird is a barking kaw.

The Barnacle Goose is a vagrant. This means that is has no real home, it travels from place to place. They migrate in the summer months to the Arctic to breed.

They build their nests on rocky cliffs where they are protected from predators, like the Arctic Fox.

The population of this bird has increased in the last couple of decades.