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Americn Goldfinch

About Americn Goldfinch

Small bird with short conical bill. Male in breeding plumage bright yellow, with black cap, black wings with flight feathers edged with white and white wingbar; tail black and white; rump and undertail white; legs pinkish brown; bill yellowish brown; eyes brown. Non-breeding male brownish, dark cap. Female has dull olive back and head, yellow underparts; she is brown with grayish-brown underparts in winter.

They American Goldfinch breeds in the spring and summer. A pair’s nest is a cup of tightly woven plant fibers, bark and wool bound with spider webs and lined with plant down, up off the ground in a tree or shrub. They hve 4-6 pale bluish or greenish-blue eggs that are taken care of by the female.

This little bird is common and widespread. It’s nickname is the “wild canary” for its attractive, canary-like song and breeding coloration. It also has a song that sounds like a distinctive, sweet, twittering, “just-look-at-me” contact call, often heard from birds as they take to the wing with their dancing, strongly undulating flight.

The American Goldfinch is usually seen in pairs, family groups, and after breeding in large flocks.

These birds are late nesters, ensuring its young hatch in late summer and autumn when there are plenty of suitable soft weed seeds, such as those of thistles, sunflowers and teasels. The parents feed their nestlings on a regurgitated milkly pulp of seeds. The nest is so tight that in a heavy rain, if the adult bird is not sitting in the nest the babies would drown.