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Alligator Gar

About Alligator Gar

This is the largest of the freshwater gars. The Alligator Gar also has the broadest snout of its kind. It is like an elongated pike in its shape. The dorsal and anal fins of the gar are set well back on its long, streamlined body. The mouth, or the beak, is long and filled with large sharp teeth. The skin on the lowerside of the lower jaw is like elastic which allows the gar to catch and swallow large fish.

There are nine species of gar found in the American waters. All are smaller than the Alligator Gar.

The freshwater gars are part of an ancient family of predatory fish. They can survive in poorly oxygenated waters. Their air bladders are supplied with blood vessels that enable the bladder to be used as a primitive lung.

The Alligator Gar is bronze-brown on the back with darker blotches on the rear portion of the body. The underparts are dirty white.